Murisserie bananes

A few words about the ripening process:

The fruit is cut green to support transport and slow down the natural ripening process. They are transported by boat from the different production areas to the places of consumption.


LLISO frères has been a banana ripener since 1969. The banana, our flagship product, represents 50% of our turnover. Our annual tonnage is 6000 tons. Our 12 banana chambers using the latest technology require special expertise. This know­how enables us to ensure a constant quality of ripening in order to provide our customers with the desired level of maturity. We are also members of the economic interest group FRUCTIFRUI which represents a guarantee of quality and trust.

LLISO frères is currently in the process of ICPE certification (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment).

Bananas take several weeks to arrive. So, it is necessary to put the1n "to sleep" in order to stop the ripening process. Therefore, the temperature of the refrigerated containers never exceeds 13°C (55° F).

Upon arrival, the fruit is placed in a ripening chamber for about 6 days at a minimum temperature of 16° C (61°F), this temperature, which is constant at the beginning, gradually decreases.

The ripening process begins with the circulation of Ethylene gas in the chambers and the ventilation of air prevents the fruit from perspiring.

The cardboard boxes are fitted with holes to facilitate the free circulation of air.

The Ethylene gas is used to trigger the ripening process in the chambers as it transforms starch into sugar.

When they leave the chambers, the boxes are sorted based on their degree of maturity and according to our customers' requests. There are 7 degrees of maturity on the colorimetric scale, the most requested one being 3.5.

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