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About us

LLISO frères is a family owned company specialized in the sale and ripening of bananas and the importation of citrus fruits, avocados, pineapples and exotic products throughout the year. It has been established in Rungis since 1969 on the world's largest fresh produce market, an essential link in the French culinary tradition.

In our companies you will find the availability of our products 365 days a year whether it is the banana, the avocado, the citrus fruits (lemons, clementines, oranges), the pineapple, the yellow fruits, kiwi, mango, and various exotic fruits, melon, watermelon, apple, grapes.
These products of all origins will be available year-round without any disruption.


52, rue d'Angers - Bât. A3
CP 20710
94584 Rungis Cedex


+33(0)1 56 70 22 30 / Standard
+33(0)6 86 44 42 10 / Directeur Commercial Patrick CARINI
+33(0)1 49 78 09 05 / Fax



LLISO Frères

S.A.S au capital de 126 390€
RCS Créteil 692 041 593
TVA FR35 692 041 593